Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Little Bit About Our Family

I am a soon to be 55 year old. Eight years ago I retired from teaching elementary school for 25 years. DH is wonderful, we have been married for almost 33 years. He works for a lumber company as a purchasing agen.
This a picture from our DD's wedding a couple of years ago.

My DH and I have two kids. Breanne is 30, married and has a son that is 9 months old. Grayson was born with heart problems. He had surgery a few days after he was born and is doing well. He still has some problems.

Merit, our son, is 27. He has a four year old son, Johnny. Johnny stays with me most days. They live with us. Merit is going to school to become an EMT. He recently finished fire school. He hopes to get a paid firefighter's job.

This is a quick intro to our family.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't Quit

I am not sure where I got this poem. Hopefully, it will inspire us all to stay on program.

Don't Quit

When scales go "clunk", as they sometimes will,
When the goals you've set seem truly unreal,
When losses are low and gains are high,
And you're embarrassed and read to cry,
When clothes seem to have a snugger fit,
Get hold of yourself and DON'T YOU QUIT!!

You came to Weight Watchers because you wanted to learn
Just how to make those calories burn.
You needed help-weren't afraid to ask,
You knew it wouldn't be a simple task.
I'll tell you something I'm sure you know:
You don't give up when the losing is slow.

Your diet is a challenge, not simply a chore.
Weight Watchers friendships and fun can make it more.
Take part in your meetings; they're here for you.
There are offices and contest and programs to do.
You have a grand goal. Now strive for it!
You'll succeed as a loser if you JUST DON'T QUIT!


Friday, March 20, 2009

It Has Been Awhile

It has been awhile since I posted anything new. Things are going good. I am doing well at WW. As of today, I have lost 16+ pounds.

Grayson recently spent the night with us and we had a good time with him. He is really growing. He has 4 teeth now, is sitting up and saying a few words. He will being staying with us again during the week of the opening Cardinal ball season.

Johnny is going back to day care three days a week. This time it has been much easier. He cried a lot when he was going before now not so much. We got a Wii and he is getting really good at it. He has great eye-hand coordination.

Merit is still going to EMT school two nights a week. He is going to be starting his clinicals soon.

Looking forward to the warmer weather. I plan to increase the time I have been walking. Johnny likes to go walking with me.

Will try to do better with updating.