Thursday, March 6, 2008

Grayson Update

Breanne and Dan got some good news today about Grayson.

You can see the update by clicking on the title.

Johnny Super Hero

This is our "Super Hero". Johnny has a great imagination and uses it every day. He loves for Grandpa to fly him like Superman.

His favorite movie right now is ToyStory 2. He likes to watch BuzzLight Year on Disney.

This is him as Superman, fireman (his Dad is a volunteer firefighter) and carpenter (tool belt on.)


We have three that live at our house. An older black lab, Cole. He belongs to our son. Then this past year we bought two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The male is Shadow and the female is Ruby. We got them for our grandson. Thought about breeding them but have decided against that.

This is Shadow. He loves to run off every chance he gets. He got away from Johnny and I yesterday and had to chase him all over the neighborhood. Thanks Sheila, she caught him for us.

This is the baby, Ruby. She has a completly different personality than Shadow. We should have named her "Sassy". She likes thinks her way. Her favorite escape is go out the back fence to the open field behind our house. We haven't figured out how she gets her fat little body through the fence .

Dog Treat Recipe

This is a quick and easy recipe for dog treats

They love them!!

12 ounces of baby food (No onion powder)

1/2 Cup Cream of Wheat

Combine and put in microwave for 3-4 minutes

Shape into cookie shape

They will dry out if left out

Thanks Terri for the recipe!!!

Projects for Grayson

These are some of the projects I have been working on for Grayson. This is a crib quilt.

One of the several sports themed quilts I have made for him. His mom and dad are big St. Louis Cardinals fans.

This tag quilt is made of fleece and satin ribbons are added to the sides.

The fabrics below are the flannels that I used for the burp pads I made. Also, am going to make some heavier ones from prefolded diapers and embroidery on them.

These are examples of the kind of burp pads I made using the fabrics above.