Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seven Days to Go

I am not sure where I got this but, thought it was appropriate. Probably, most of us have has these thoughts sometime during our weigh loss journey.

Seven Days to Go
That piece of cake I saved is near one big slice;
I have no fear,
beside no pounds will even show,
'cause I've got 7 days to go.

A day of shopping, to the mall we go
for a burger special, it's cheaper you know.
I'll walk if off, I have no fear,
6 days to go, no weigh-in near.

I think I'll skip my lunch,
a devil dog is what I'll munch,
tuna's getting expensive you know,
besides I've got 5 days to go.

For breakfast, one egg, toast and juice,
kids left their pancakes, of what's the use,
with inflation, to waste is a sin.
Beside its 4 days till I weigh-in.

For breakfast I'll have just coffee today,
maybe I'll lose more that way.
For supper a little extra I'll eat,
3 days before those scales I meet.

Boy this weekend is really rough,
restaurant menus are really tough.
I'll work this fried shrimp off, have no fear,
in just 2 days it'll be clear.

Now my nerves are really a wreck,
I might as well eat, oh what the heck.
I'll take tow Exlax late tonight,
1 day to go, it'll be alright.

Day to go
I can't afford to eat, no way
Six trips to the john might save my day.
I gained two pounds, wouldn't you know?
I guess I didn't have Seven Days to Go.

_Author Unknown

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pocket Guide Holder

Someone sent me this poem. I don't know the author, if you know, please let me know, so I can give credit.

When you've eaten too much and you can't write it down,
And you feel like the biggest failure in town,
When you want to give up just because you gave in,
And forget all about being healthy and thin...
It's your next move that don't you quit!

It's a moment of truth. It's an attitude of change.
It's learning the skills to get back in your range.
It's telling yourself, "You've done great up 'til now.
You can take on this challenge and beat it somehow."
It's part of your journey toward reaching your goal.
You're still gonna make it, just stay in control.

To stumble and fall is not a disgrace,
If you summon the will to get back in the race!
But, often the strugglers, when losing their grip,
Just throw in the towel and continue to slip.
And learn too late when the damage is done,
That the race wasn't over.. They still could have won!

Lifestyle change can be awkward and slow,
But facing each challenge will help you grow.
Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint in a cloud of doubt.
When you're pushing to the brink, just refuse to submit.
If you bite it, you write it...but don't you quit!!

These are pictures of the Weight Watchers Pocket Guide holder I made.

The pattern can be found here,

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Hollywood Florida Trip

Well, it is Sunday night and we are back from Florida. We had a really good time!! But we are glad to be home. Johnny and the dogs are glad we are home.

We had to leave our house by 3:00 a.m. (I'm not a morning person). Had no problems getting to the airport 2 hours early. That early in the a.m. there is no outside check-in so had to wait in a long line inside and the inside check-in doesn't open until 4:30 (could have slept another 1/2 hour). Made it through all security check points just fine.
After boarding the plane and the pilot starts backing out of the gate, a warning light comes on. The pilot says it is a hydraulic warning light and it is going to be checked out, should only take about fifteen minutes. He then comes back and says it is a computer problem and only needs to be reset. Shouldn't take long and we will be on our way. Then comes back and tells us that the mechanic doesn't like something that he sees and it needs to be repaired, so we sit some more. After a few more minutes they assure us that everything is fine and we leave. We were about an hour later getting to Miami.
The rest of the day was ours to do what we wanted. We walked along the beach and rested for a while in our room (I also have cold and coughed a lot).
That evening there was a welcome reception with "The Swamp" as the theme. Lots of food and drink and a live band that played a real genre of music.

Friday was a day of leisure. We spent our day sitting and watching the ocean waves, walking on the boardwalk and doing some souvenir shopping.
That evening we had a global leader speak to us, we didn't know until at dinner on Thursday night that it would be Bill Clinton. He addressed the group and answered some questions for about an hour. He spoke on the economy. He was very uplifting, saying things will get better. People need to figure out the how and what we can all do to help.

This was our day to take a tour, our choice was Art Deco in the Fabled Playground. Were given a history of early Miami and the development. We went to the first hotel built in Miami. Nothing fancy. It is now a restaurant.
We continued to a couple of old hotels and toured some of their art deco characteristics. Also, went to Johnny Versace's house, where he was shot. It is now a hotel. Did some shopping and ate lunch on Espaniola Way.

That evening had a delicious dinner of swordfish and filet. American Idol winners David Archuleta and David Cook were our entertainment for the night.

We left our hotel at 7:00a.m. to start home. For some reason we had to fly to Dallas then on to St. Louis. There was just enough time to get from one gate to another to come home.