Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seven Days to Go

I am not sure where I got this but, thought it was appropriate. Probably, most of us have has these thoughts sometime during our weigh loss journey.

Seven Days to Go
That piece of cake I saved is near one big slice;
I have no fear,
beside no pounds will even show,
'cause I've got 7 days to go.

A day of shopping, to the mall we go
for a burger special, it's cheaper you know.
I'll walk if off, I have no fear,
6 days to go, no weigh-in near.

I think I'll skip my lunch,
a devil dog is what I'll munch,
tuna's getting expensive you know,
besides I've got 5 days to go.

For breakfast, one egg, toast and juice,
kids left their pancakes, of what's the use,
with inflation, to waste is a sin.
Beside its 4 days till I weigh-in.

For breakfast I'll have just coffee today,
maybe I'll lose more that way.
For supper a little extra I'll eat,
3 days before those scales I meet.

Boy this weekend is really rough,
restaurant menus are really tough.
I'll work this fried shrimp off, have no fear,
in just 2 days it'll be clear.

Now my nerves are really a wreck,
I might as well eat, oh what the heck.
I'll take tow Exlax late tonight,
1 day to go, it'll be alright.

Day to go
I can't afford to eat, no way
Six trips to the john might save my day.
I gained two pounds, wouldn't you know?
I guess I didn't have Seven Days to Go.

_Author Unknown

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