Sunday, January 25, 2009

It has been a long time!!

It has been a really long time since I posted anything. Just haven't taken the time to.

Since my last post Grayson was born in June. He was born on a Tuesday and had surgery on Friday. He did great and is doing well. There are still some issues with his heart but things are good. He is growing and a real cutie. There are pictures posted here.

Johnny is with us all of the time now. He and his dad live with us. He has been here since October. He is into the Justice League. He still has a very active imagination. Today he has played fireman all day with his Grandpa. Merit is finishing up his classes for firefighting. Presently, he is taking EMT classes. When he finishes this class he wants to start Medic classes.

Tom and I are going to Florida on Thursday. He is going for work and I get to go with him. We are going to Hollywood, FL. We will be gone until Sunday. While there we are going to tour the ArtDeco Historic District with a group. There will be entertainment but, we don't know who it will be yet. Previously we have seen Kenny Loggins, Chicago, Dana Garvey, Wayne Brady and other lesser knowns. This company really wines and dines you.

This is where we are staying in Florida.

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